Baby Bedding bliss

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This is a free size pattern to make a simple top a newborn baby can wear during the first few weeks of his/her life, when the baby need some soft and simple clothing against the cut umbilical cord.

If you want to sew gifts for your ‘soon-to-be-a-mother’ friend or cousin or neighbor this is a welcome gift as most of the clothing available are too large for the teeny weeny newborn babies or too restrictive or difficult to put on or take off or harsh on the baby skin.

The top has back opening with two ties in the back and it can be put on the baby by simply slipping the hands through the armholes of the top; You just need to tilt the baby slightly to tie the back ties. No velcro or snaps which may irritate the newborn baby skin. Simply soft cotton cloth against his soft skin.

The skin of newborns is super delicate and super sensitive. Keep this in mind when you decide to shop for the clothes or make them yourself. Scratchy materials or openings are a big NO. Synthetic fabric is also out.

If your baby will have to be in the incubator metal openings should be avoided. With velcro one side is a little harsh and it can scratch the newborn’s skin, so count it out as well. Avoid any trims like lace, ribbons which can also irritate skin. Even buttons may prove scratchy on the silky skin


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