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Snoopy Baby Bedding

Snoopy is one of the timeless cartoon characters loved by many and the Snoopy baby bedding set is a great way of decorating nurseries for both boys and girls. Many parents want the baby’s crib to become the most vibrant part of the nursery and having a Snoopy baby crib bedding set means having vibrant images for babies to gaze upon. Snoopy and Woodstock theme commonly uses blue, yellow and green but the set can be mixed and matched with warmer, deeper earth tones in tan, brown, green and blue.

The Snoopy and the gang have been entertaining children for generations, and Snoopy’s gang is considered as ageless and timeless group of characters. When you’re done decorating the focal point of the nursery which is the baby’s crib, you may want to extend decorating by using matching accessories throughout the nursery. We have selected some Snoopy baby crib bedding sets and accessories for you to consider.


Bedtime Originals Champ Snoopy 4-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set, Blue

Bedtime Originals Champ Snoopy Baby Crib Bedding Set brings into the little boy’s room the charm of the ageless Peanut’s character Snoopy as he displays his all-star athletic side.

It features images of Snoopy playing various types of sports like soccer, football, baseball and basketball that your little boy will enjoy gazing at.

This 4-piece set includes a quilt, fitted sheet that fits all standard size crib mattresses, bumper and dust ruffle. Little boys will be delighted by this fun-filled baby crib bedding set.



Lambs & Ivy Peek a Boo Snoopy 4 Piece Bedding Set

Peek a Boo Snoopy Baby Bedding Set by Lambs & Ivy brings the all-time favorite Snoopy and Woodstock. It has been believed that babies do enjoy gazing at dark contrasting colors so they will enjoy the black and white prints of Snoopy’s adorable face.

It uses soft, fuzzy-textured fabric for maximum comfort of your baby. It combines faux fur, ultra suede and velour for creating an adorable collection of nursery items that will enliven the nursery of boys and girls alike.

This 4-piece set includes a bumper, quilt, dust ruffle and fitted sheet. There are also available matching accessories to choose from such as an appliquéd toddler chair, a musical mobile which features Snoopy, Woodstock and balloons, diaper stacker, growth chart, lamp shade and more. Lambs & Ivy incorporated the finest materials to ensure the baby’s comfort.


Lambs & Ivy Vintage Snoopy 6pc Crib Set – Blue/Green

Vintage Snoopy Baby Crib Bedding Set by Lambs & Ivy displays various images of Snoopy and Woodstock combined with letters so babies can have fun gazing at the images while getting familiar with letters.

It has trend pop colors in rich textured fabrics and plush appliqués of Snoopy and Woodstock. The set is enhanced with retro 60’s style black and white trim.

The set includes a bumper, comforter, fitted crib sheet that fits most standard size crib mattresses and a dust ruffle with 15-inch drop. The pieces come in a clear vinyl zippered, handled carrying bag.


Lambs & Ivy Vintage Snoopy Musical Mobile

Lambs & Ivy Vintage Snoopy Musical Mobile plays Brahms’ Lullaby to get your little angel drift to sleep easily and calmly especially when your baby tends to get fussy just before nap time.

Featuring four plush circles of Peanut’s Snoopy and Woodstock, this musical mobile entertains your baby before getting to sleep.

This charming crib mobile is enhanced with retro 60’s style black and white trim and perfectly matches the Vintage Snoopy Baby Crib Bedding Set by Lambs & Ivy.

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