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Organic Baby Bedding

For parents who try to go green in all aspects of living, such as taking organic food and using hybrid vehicles, it would be best to go green at the nursery. One option to start getting organic in your baby’s room is to choose organic baby crib bedding. The pieces of this type of bedding are usually made of 100% organic cotton. The cotton sheets that are not organic are usually processed with chemicals, and formaldehyde was used as coating to make them free from wrinkles. Chemicals become part of the sheets and the baby comes in direct contact with these chemicals.

There is no regulation for the concentration of the chemicals used in non-organic cotton in the sheets, and highly-concentrated chemicals in the materials may aggravate respiratory issues and allergies. Organic cotton is grown without chemical fertilizers, not sprayed with chemicals and not coated with formaldehyde. Organic baby crib bedding sets are not only made of organic cotton. Due to the high demand of organic products, they also include other options such as wool and bamboo. These components are not processed with chemicals as well.

Some manufacturers can put in 60% organic materials to the bedding sets, call them organic, and sell them at an expensive price. The sets that contain organic materials are better than the non-organic sets. However, if you really want a baby crib bedding set with 100% organic materials, check if the product bears the Organic Trade Association (OTA) approval which is indicated on the product. Whether you end with a set with organic cotton, wool or bamboo material, you can be assured that it’s free from chemicals when it is OTA-approved. The organic baby crib bedding set is priced higher than the non-organic sets, but it is worth the price when it comes to your baby’s safety.

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