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Shabby Chic Baby Bedding

The Shabby Chic baby bedding allows you to create a stylish yet simplistic nursery with a time-worn elegance. The nursery crib bedding sets of Shabby Chic often come in colors of muted blue, greens, pinks and various shades of whites. For the designs, they commonly have floral, stripes and checks in 100% cotton material. Over the years, the brand has become so popular that its crib bedding products have invaded many nurseries.

If you’re able to see the Shabby Chic baby bedding, you may think that its pieces are too delicate to touch and use. The reality is that these pieces are designed to fit the parents’ busy lifestyle and the meet the babies’ needs. You can actually throw most of these pieces to the wash for easy cleaning. They’re also noteworthy for using easy-to-care, quality fabrics.

Shabby Chic baby bedding sets encompass a wide variety of designs and patterns ranging from subdued minimalist ensembles which use a single solid color, to stunning geometric prints to funky, vibrant retro designs. Shabby Chic is committed to offering parents unique and beautiful crib bedding sets which seamlessly blend with the nursery’s existing décor. If you prefer more traditional designs, there are Shabby Chic baby bedding sets that make use of liberal time-worn patchwork and detailed appliqués.

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