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Amy Coe Baby Bedding

Amy Coe baby bedding has been around since 1992 although the designer Amy Coe started her business in 1983 in throw pillow designs focusing on vintage textiles. She gained popularity by using nostalgic fabrics which were similar to the fabrics used between 1930s and 1950s. The early Amy Coe baby bedding sets have attracted many parents with their carefully crafted designs, textures, fabrics and the unique use of color palettes.

Currently, Amy Coe offers a variety of baby products such as toys, baby clothing and crib bedding sets and accessories which have graced lots of nurseries. Amy baby bedding sets are made of top-quality materials to provide your baby with the needed comfort and safety. Both parents and babies will love the designs of these bedding sets as they’re uniquely made. The quality of Amy Coe baby bedding sets is a reflection of the designer’s attention to details and unique ideas.

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